This recipe board / serving tray is the perfect way to display/remember your favorite recipe with your loved ones handwriting! This makes the most meaningful and special gift for yourself or a loved one. The recipe is transferred onto pure Acacia wood using our high-quality laser engraver machine.

- The acacia board with handle is 18.5x7.5

- Acacia wooden circle is 17x11 (including handle)

- Bamboo board is 10x10

- Acacia square board is 11.8x9.1

Note: the quality of your recipe board is largely dependent on the quality of the actual recipe we receive. Also note that the recipe might be engraved horizontally depending on the recipe width vs. length.

Ordering Instructions

1. Go to our contact page and send us a message with the following information

2. Board type
- Acacia wood
- Bamboo wood

3. Does your recipe include lines?
- Yes (additional $15 to edit out lines)
- No

4. Is it a double sided recipe?
- Yes (additional $35)
- No

5. Are there any add on’s you want such as names, dates, sayings, quotes, etc.? If possible please have the recipe on a blank background if not possible there will be an extra fee for having to edit out each line on index card.